Xaomi WiFi Yeelight 10W LED

  Xiaomi WiFi Yeelight 10W LED Smart Bulb

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  The wide array of colors | Fully adjustable cool to warm color temperatures |

  24/7 remote control via any smartphones | 11 years operating life | Even Works with the  Google Assistant


Xiaomi WiFi Yeelight 10W LED colors to have a profound effect on human senses. It can stimulate the nervous system and has a significant effect on emotional and emotional states. Gradually increasing the intensity of the light to a certain point before waking up can improve your mood and make it easier to wake up. But light can do even more than this, it can bring a little magic to your life.

Xiaomi WiFi Yeelight Smart Bulb is A Magical Lighting that improves the quality of your light  ⇒

Streaming: In streaming mode, light is continuously transmitted through various light atmospheres.

The rhythm of the cycle can also be adjusted to create more surprises or more romance.

Atmosphere Lighting: You can create the perfect lighting environment for a spectacular and exciting home entertainment experience.

Intelligent color scanning: Intelligent color scanning technology can choose colors from a photo and filter them by light.Xaomi WiFi Yeelight 10W LED

Xiaomi WiFi Yeelight 10W LED
Xiaomi WiFi
Yeelight Smart Bulb is A light that helps make your beauty ⇒

The Yeelight LED light bulb features a professional optical structure combined with high-quality LEDs (light-emitting diodes),

Creating a stable light source with no flicker so that your eyes get maximum protection.

At the same time, it has color temperatures ranging from 1700K to 6500K.

* The brightness level can also be adjusted to suit your needs. May your light be with you.

(Color temperature can improve concentration over 5300K and similarly help maintain focus).

You can adjust the color temperature from 1700K to 6500K as you want to depend on the moment.

[ Temperature management Guide Video Here]

  • 1700k
  • 1850k
  • 2800k
    Electric Incandescent Lamp
  • 3400k
    Studio lighting
  • 5500k
  • 6500k
    Fluorescent Lamp

The remote control allows you to adjust the lighting anytime and anywhere ⇒

You can connect your light bulb with Wi-Fi enabled and interconnected with Xiaomi smart sensors

Control it without a gateway and with just the touch of your phone.

Turn off the lights for your children noiselessly, turn them on without getting out of bed,

Switch automatically when you leave the house, trying to simplify your life.

You Can Control more lights at the same time with Xiaomi WiFi Yeelight Smart Bulb   ⇒

If you want to control more lights at the same time so that you can create some surprises or a little romance,

The group control function allows you to easily control multiple lamps at the same time.

Xaomi WiFi Yeelight 10W LED


11 years of stable and reliable light which will always be there  ⇒

This energy-efficient bulb emits 600 lumens of light and receives only 9 watts.

To achieve the same level of brightness, other energy-saving light bulbs use 12 watts and incandescent lamps use 60 watts.

At the same time, its core components are simply high-quality,

100% of imported materials with operating life for more than 11 years and average light erosion for 9000 hours is only 8%.

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